Dr. Koray Erdogan started in the field of hair restoration in 2000, assisting several hair surgeons in their private clinics. In 2001, he opened his own clinic in Istanbul – ASMED – with his first assistant Dilek Cakir. He started to perform FUE in 2004 by combining both FUT + FUE techniques.
In 2005 he realized that FUE patients with similar results ‘to' FUT ‘patients' ones were even happier, because of the minor trauma and the less visible scar with short hair. In 2006 he developed his own FUE tools and method of “grafts” extraction, named “DES” (also known as ‘SEQUENTIAL TECHNIQUE’, published by FUE Research Committee of International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery in November/December 2013).

Dr. Erdogan performs only FUE procedures at ASMED Medical Center in Istanbul, with the assistance of 4 other doctors and 20 nurses. Most of his patients come from abroad with 90% of them coming from Italy, Spain, Germany, France, Sweden, Canada, United States and Australia.

The philosophy at Asmed Clinic is that positive results depend on good communication with the patient, hairline design, graft extraction, graft survival, incision and insertion, post-operative care and adjunct therapy.

Our Doctors

Koray Erdogan

Dr. Koray Erdogan founded his own hair transplant clinic in Istanbul in 2001 and by 2004 had developed his own unique FUE system known as the “Sequential Technique” that has been featured in international publications. Dr. Erdogan exclusively performs FUE hair transplants at ASMED Surgical Center.