Feller & Bloxham Hair Transplantation is a New York based hair transplant clinic that has been diagnosing and treating thousands of hair loss patients in the greater NYC area, tri-state area, and beyond for the past 23 years

Located in Great Neck and run by Dr. Alan Feller and Dr. Blake Bloxham, this hair restoration clinic has attracted a massive online following on various consumer forums and have earned a level of trust that few hair transplant doctors can claim or have earned.

International patients routinely visit them seeking hair transplant surgery and hair loss advice. Many do so after seeing their extensive patient videos on YouTube and photographic results on other platforms.

Feller and Bloxham are masters of the craft of hair transplantation and only perform surgeries with their hands, not with robotics or automation. Their team of trained technicians do not run the procedures and all surgery is performed by Dr. Alan Feller or Dr. Blake Boxham.

All their staff are exclusive employees of Feller and Bloxham which is not the case for many clinics around today. Feller and Bloxham offer a hair transplant only facility and have the largest team of hair transplant technicians per patient in the USA.

Our Doctors

Alan Feller

Dr. Alan Feller was born in New York and has been practicing hair transplantation exclusively since 1994 and is considered one of the state’s leading and most experienced physicians in the field of hair transplantation. He is an accomplished inventor, patent holder, and has trained many physicians.

Blake Bloxham

Dr. Bloxham performs state-of-the-art strip, FUE, and mFUE surgery in Great Neck, NY. He utilizes these techniques in a variety of hair transplant cases, ranging from densely packed “mega sessions” to repair cases. Dr. Bloxham uses only manual tools and in-house technicians in all of his procedures.