Dr. Pak’s training in hair transplant surgery stems from his apprenticeship with Dr. Rassman that began in 1997 and ever since then the two doctors have been pioneering hair transplant methods, automation, and instrumentation from the initial Follicular Unit Excision techniques and tools to Hair Implanting Pen devices which are routinely used at NHI Medical.

Dr. Pak holds several U.S. Patents and has been intimately involved with innovative hair transplant surgical techniques incorporating new technology. Dr. Pak's engineering work on U.S. Patent US6572625 in the late 1990’s with Dr. Rassman became the genesis of the ARTAS system for robotic hair transplant surgery.

Dr. Pak graduated from UC Irvine with a Bachelor of Science degree in Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering. He then went on to complete his medical training at the Medical College of Virginia. He is also a Board Certified Emergency Medicine Physician and works 2 to 3 times a month at a trauma center in Downtown Los Angeles.

As an engineer, in addition to being a medical doctor, Dr. Pak brings his engineering and artistic skills to the clinical practice at NHI Medical. He continues to develop new surgical techniques and invent surgical instrumentation to further advance the field of hair transplant surgery.

Equipped with both technical and surgical skills, Dr. Pak’s most important and distinguishing characteristic is his inherent artistic abilities to create the most natural and balanced hair line. After all, in cosmetic surgery, you would want your surgeon to be an artist.

Dr. Pak is also the coauthor of Hair Loss and Replacement for Dummies.