Dr. Jerry Wong obtained his MD degree from the University of Alberta. He worked for several years as a GP with a hospital based practice in Maple Ridge B.C. In 1991 he was introduced to hair transplant by Dr. Dorman, a hair transplant surgeon in Vancouver. Dr. Wong was fascinated by the microsurgical aspect of hair transplants.

Dr.  Wong started a part time hair transplant practice in 1993 and then later opened the Hasson and Wong Clinic in Vancouver, along with his partner Dr. Victor Hasson.

After attending the first ISHRS (International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery ) meeting in Dallas in 1993, Dr Wong noticed that many hair transplants at that time did not look very natural.  The problem was the exit angle of the hair from the skin. Natural hair almost always exits the skin at an angle and transplanted hair exit perpendicular to the skin.

Dr Wong reasoned that if the cuts were made lateral (perpendicular) to the hair direction and at the same time the blade handle was angled forward the slit would then sandwich the grafts holding the transplanted hair shaft at whatever angle the operator chooses.

This simple twist of the blade enabled transplanted hair to be perfectly angled to match existing hair. This modern technique of doing hair transplants results in the transplanted hair blending seamlessly with existing hair to create a truly undetectable result.

Dr.  Wong first used the lateral slit in 1993 and presented the “lateral slit technique” at the ISHRS meeting in Barcelona in 1996.  Over the year Dr Wong's technique has enabled many doctors to enhance their results leading to an industry-wide adoption of his techniques and patients now getting truly undetectable results.

Dr.  Wong feels very fortunate and grateful to work in this field. Over the years he has been able to form long lasting friendships with hair surgeons from all over the world.